Monday, December 17, 2007

Digimon Digital Card Battle

Digimon Digital Card Battle Review
Digimon Digital card battle is a strategy adventure game made by Bandai in 2001, different from other Digimon Game that use Role playing game system, this game use a strategy to choose the best move or even the best Card Deck that you use to battle your opponent.

Digimon Digital Card Battle Storyline
Digimon Digital Card battle place you in the role of a cyberworld where entire cities are dedicated to Card Battles and the arena are houses of them. After selecting a partner, or right hand digimon, you will traveling around the city to city challenging the best Digimon best player of card battles in their Arenas, until you find that a lot of trainer become suspicious and something terrible happen in Infinity Tower, where "A" ( Boss of Digimon World I ) start his new plan.

Links :
Digimon Digital Card Battle Wakthrough and Secret
Digimon Digital Card Battle Download

Digimon Digital Card Battle Screenshot

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Digimon World 3

Digimon World 3 Review
Digimon World III is the last digimon Adventure RPG series make for Playstation one, as the last one this game has the best graphic quality and the best gameplay than it's two prequels. For the first there are only 3 Digimon partner butlatter in the game if some of sidequest accepted there are more digimon partner. But all of them have the same evolution only different in status that needed.

Digimon World 3 Storyline
Story begin in Kusanagi City when Junior start entering digital world, he start playing at Asuka server, definitely there are two server in Digimon world. A lot of weird things suddenly appear that need to investigate. Lot of things happened from found Digmon and submarimon artifact also create a crossing line to travel into Amaterasu server. Together with his friend and his digimon partner he try to stop the destruction of digital world and even real world.

Links :
Digimon World III walkthrough and secret
Digimon World III Download


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Digimon World II

Digimon World II Review
Digimon world II is a sequel for the first Digimon World, in this game use a new system the game will include breeding, and have some adventure RPG element. you need to raise your Digimon and evolve them into their ultimate form. There are over 200 Digimon available on the game each with it's own ability and you can merge two Digimon into one with it's original ability and have a new original ability with it's form.

Digimon World II Storyline
The journey start in the Digimon Academy where Hero (just use common character name) need to join any group available in the game. No matter group you choose it's will stil the same except the Digimon that you will have. Hero need to training and raising his level and also his vehicle and his Digimon as well. The journey begin as the Digimon act mysterious and wild and also appear a lot of organization who want to make the condition become worst. His duty is to protect Digital world and save digital world from all of them.

Links :
Digimon world II walkthrough and secret
Digimon world II Download

Screenshot :

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Digimon World

Digimon World Review
Digimon World is the first Digimon game made for Playstation one. This game use Adventure RPG game, you will need to breed your Digimon and raise them into more powerful by evolve them. Traveled in great 3D environment make you feel that yourself is in the game.

Digimon World Storyline
A kid from a real world was called by digital world to build the File city and save them from the mysterious enemy known as "A". You will need to explore the digital world and start to invite one by one Digimon to build a new building and new facility in the File City. Until you ready to fight the Last enemy in Infinity Tower which have a perfect status Digimon.

Links :
Digimon World Walkthrough and Secret
Digimon World Download


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross Review
Chrono cross released on 2000 by Squaresoft for Playstation console. This game is like Chrono Triger but only have two different world, different than Chrono Triger that have a lot of time era. The graphic of this game was better than Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII. The storyline was quite confusing at the first time and also have a lot of playable character when we can choose them freely.

Chrono Cross Storyline :
The main character of this game is Chrono, he seek the truth of himslef, and discovered that there are two different world which he have been killed at another world. His journey with mysterious girl named Kid continue to find the truth of what exactly happen.

Chrono Cross Walkthrough and Secret/Code
Chrono Cross Download link

Chrono Cross Screenshot


Beyond The Beyond

Beyond The Beyond Review :
Beyond The Beyond is an RPG game released by Sony Computer Entertainment on 2001. This game looks like a SNES game because of low quality graphic and unfamiliar battle system. But this game have a quite good storyline after all.

Beyond The Beyond Storyline :
An evil force sharked for centuries, throbs like a heartbeat within the Earth as it's seek open air and the body of youth beats, the soul of the poet, and the heart of the lion. Stride into Darkness with young Finn and his fire breathing dragon as they hunt down the evil that threatens to annihilate the world. Launch into a quest Beyond imagination and possibly beyond endurance.

Links :
Beyond the Beyond walkthrough and secret/code
Beyond the Beyond Download

Beyond the Beyond screenshot


Breath Of Fire IV

Breath of Fire IV Review :
Breath of Fire IV released by Capcom on 2000. We take part as Ryu who try to revealed all magic and mystery in his world.

Breath of Fire IV Storyline :
After centuries of War, the two lands bordering a vast swamp land have finally reached an Armistice. Suddenly the noble Princess Elena disappears somewhere near the war-ravaged front lines. Distraught, her sister Nina goes in search of the princess by herself, and on her journey she meet with a mysterious young warrior named Ryu. Their Destinies soon entwine.
The next chapter in the epic tale of Magic and mystery now unfolds. The fates of what lies ahead is now depend on your control.

Links :
Breath of Fire IV walkthrough and secret /code
Breath of Fire IV Download (torrent)

Breath Of Fire IV Screenshot :