Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross Review
Chrono cross released on 2000 by Squaresoft for Playstation console. This game is like Chrono Triger but only have two different world, different than Chrono Triger that have a lot of time era. The graphic of this game was better than Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII. The storyline was quite confusing at the first time and also have a lot of playable character when we can choose them freely.

Chrono Cross Storyline :
The main character of this game is Chrono, he seek the truth of himslef, and discovered that there are two different world which he have been killed at another world. His journey with mysterious girl named Kid continue to find the truth of what exactly happen.

Chrono Cross Walkthrough and Secret/Code
Chrono Cross Download link

Chrono Cross Screenshot



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